Aloha! Did you know that Hello Mobile now offers a FREE eSIM option for customers in Hawaii and the rest of the U.S.?

In fact, we just heard that Mo the Hello Mobile mascot is on his way to the Aloha State to attend his first luau! And you can bet he’ll be bringing his Hello Mobile eSIM-enabled smartphone along with him.

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Either way, the point is you are definitely going to want to buy eSIM for Hawaii if you’re going to be there for any period of time.

It doesn’t matter whether you already have an eSIM-enabled phone or you’re looking for a new device, Hello Mobile will keep you connected with fast, reliable service and the lowest-priced plans on the market.

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Hawaii eSIM for Travelers = Convenience & Savings

Prepaid eSIM for Tourists

Planning a big trip to Hawaii? Then you need a super affordable prepaid phone plan with eSIM from Hello Mobile!

When it comes to your wireless mobile options on the islands, having a smartphone that supports eSIM will save you time and hassle, with benefits including:

  • FREE Instant Activation: Forget waiting for a physical SIM card to arrive. With eSIM, you can activate your new Hello Mobile service in seconds, simply by scanning a QR code!
  • Greater Flexibility: No more juggling multiple SIM cards or worrying about compatibility—with eSIM you can get connected instantly.
  • Multiple Phone Numbers on One Device: Prefer the convenience of having multiple numbers on a single phone? With eSIM, it’s easy—whether you’re in Hawaii or at home!

Once you’ve decided you need eSIM for your big trip, you’ll find there are a lot of providers out there to choose from. But only Hello Mobile can offer you all the benefits and features you’re going to want—at just a fraction of the cost, literally.

Get UNLIMITED International Calling to 60+ Countries – Included With EVERY Plan!

Hello Mobile for Locals – Get eSIM in Hawaii!

Does Hawaii Support eSIM for Residents?

The answer is: yes, absolutely! And if you’re looking for the cheapest eSIM for Hawaii, Hello Mobile is the answer. Because if you live on the islands, you know that shipping can be really slow and incredibly expensive. So why wait around for a SIM card to finally arrive when you can get FREE Instant Activation with eSIM from Hello Mobile? But when it comes to perks, that’s just the beginning…

Get FREE eSIM for Hawaii – and So Much More

With plans starting at just $5/Mo, Hello Mobile has the lowest-priced wireless service on the market by far. Plus, we offer reliable UNLIMITED 4G LTE/5G data at a fraction of the price, compared to other providers.

But there are so many other reasons to choose America’s Fastest & Most Affordable Wireless Carrier™, such as:

  • FREE service activation.
  • No contracts—You can easily change your plan or leave Hello Mobile at any time – without penalty.
  • No credit checks.
  • Control over costs: Pay for only the amount of Data, Talk & Text you need – and avoid overage fees.
  • Flexibility—Prepaid plans offer a variety of options to fit different budgets and usage patterns, so you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.
  • No hidden fees—Never be surprised by unexpected charges on your bill.
  • No long-term commitment or termination fees.
  • Affordable options—Prepaid plans can be more affordable than traditional postpaid plans, making them a great choice for people on a budget.

New customer? Get 50% OFF your first two months of service + SAVE UP TO $80 OFF selected smartphones for a limited time.

What Is eSIM?

FUN FACT: Did you know that eSIM means “embedded SIM” (Subscriber Identity Module)?

An eSIM is just a digital version of a physical SIM card—which virtually identifies your device to secure a network connection. Now you might be asking: what is the advantage of eSIM over a traditional physical SIM?

Learn more about the benefits of eSIM – and how to get it with Hello Mobile!

Your eSIM profile is hardwired directly into the phone itself. This presents several advantages, which is why eSIM is increasingly being used to replace nano cards in newer phone models.

An additional capability is known as Dual SIM, Dual Standby (DSDS), which enables you to use two active lines on one device. Maybe you want to use one number for business while the other is for personal calls? Many times, devices with DSDS will include space for both a physical SIM and an eSIM device.

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Why Does eSIM Matter – What Are the Benefits?

No More Waiting for a SIM Card – Activate Service Instantly Instead!

With eSIM, there’s no more waiting for a physical SIM card to arrive in the mail – particularly in Hawaii, where expedited shipping can be a challenge. In addition to saving time, you’ll no longer have to struggle to insert the card (while trying not to damage your phone)!

If you have an eSIM-enabled phone, the technology will be embedded inside the device, so you will be able to activate your service almost instantly (either manually or using a QR code received via email).

Get the Best eSIM for Hawaii – With Hello Mobile

We have incredible deals on a range of wireless plans for every lifestyle and budget—from our UNLIMITED Talk & Text plans as low as $5/Mo to our $25 UNLIMITED Data, Talk & Text plan.

ALL of our plans include FREE International Calling to 60+ Countries, so you can reach out to friends and loved ones back on the mainland at no extra cost.

And when you upgrade to our single-line $40 UNLIMITED Data, Talk & Text plan, you’ll get your own Personal Mobile Hotspot, so you can easily use your unlimited data on all of your devices, no matter where you go.

New customer? Get 50% OFF your first two months of service + SAVE UP TO $80 OFF selected smartphones for a limited time.

How Do I Get an eSIM Enabled Phone?

If you need to find a great new smartphone, Hello Mobile has a huge selection to meet all of your needs. And with easy monthly payment options, you can get your perfect device at an even better price.

New Customers: SAVE UP TO $80 OFF selected smartphones for a limited time.

You Got the Best eSIM for Hawaii—Now Let’s Get Activated!

Once you decide to go with eSIM from Hello Mobile, you can visit our Activation Page to get help you get started using your service.

If you have any questions or issues with your service or device, our dedicated customer support team will be here to assist you every step of the way. You can reach us at 1 (888) 95-HELLO, 1 (888) 954-3556. Our lines are open from Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM EST to 12:00 AM EST, and Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 AM EST to 8:00 PM EST.

When it comes to the future of mobile connectivity, Hello Mobile is leading the way. So don’t miss out on an even better mobile experience with eSIM from Hello Mobile, America’s Fastest and Most Affordable Wireless Provider™.

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