Cheap Cell Phone Plans for Students? Look No Further!

If you’re like most college and high school students, you’re on an extremely tight budget each month. You like to be smart with your money so you can get the very most out of every dollar. And that should apply to your phone service, too!

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Good Phone Plans for Students Looking to Save Money

Choosing the right mobile provider is one of the most important decisions you will make. Whether it’s school, work or personal life, your success depends on your ability to stay connected at all times. But if you still think you have to spend a lot of money on wireless, think again!

Hello Mobile has the best mobile phone plans for students, with a super-reliable network and the lowest-priced service options on the market.

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Why Does Hello Mobile Have the Best Mobile Plans for Students?

Every student needs a phone plan that delivers reliable data, talk & text – without emptying your wallet. So when it comes to the top student discount cell phone plans on the market, Hello Mobile is your best option.

And here’s why:

If you’re a parent looking for affordable options for your kids or teens, don’t forget to check out our dedicated guide on Phone Plans for Kids and Teens to ensure they stay connected without breaking the bank.

When you choose a Hello Mobile student discount phone plan, it’s a month-to-month deal, so you’ll never be stuck in a long-term contract. That means when your life changes, you’ll always have the option to change your plan, too!

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Get a Plan Customized to Your Specific Needs

Hello Mobile specializes in providing customized wireless service to fit YOUR specific needs. If you’re not always on your phone, you might prefer our basic plans. But if you love texting, calling, and using the internet 24/7, our unlimited plans might be perfect for you!

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What’s Included in Our Best Mobile Phone Plans for Students?

New Customers Get Your 2nd Month FREE!

Right now, Hello Mobile is offering all new customers a very special bonus gift for joining our network. The moment you sign up and pay for your first month of service, you will receive your second month FREE! That’s why there’s never been a better time to make the switch to America’s Fastest & Most Affordable Wireless Provider™!

No Contract – Ever!

Life is too unpredictable for you to be tied down. With Hello Mobile, there are absolutely no long-term contracts or commitments necessary to join our nationwide network.

4G LTE/5G High-Speed Data

When you use the Hello Mobile Network, you can expect fast connection speeds every time! This enables you to access data, stream and download at an accelerated pace, no matter what you’re doing online.

UNLIMITED International Calling to 60+ Countries

Unlimited International Calling is included with every plan for FREE! That means no apps, calling cards, or extra purchases necessary to connect with your loved ones abroad whenever you like.

Bring Your Own Phone AND Keep Your Old Number (If You Want)

We make it easy for you to Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) and still take advantage of our unbeatable prices on America’s Fastest & Most Affordable Network. Just make sure your device is unlocked and compatible with our service.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • FREE SIM Card Kit (or FREE eSIM Instant Activation)
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Free Activation
  • All Taxes Included
  • Personal Mobile Hotspot for Only $15!

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Basically Free Cell Phone Service for College Students

Which Plan Is Best for You?

Hello Mobile offers a wide range of the very best phone plans for students. Depending on your data requirements, we provide options for everyone – all at the absolute lowest prices on the market.

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How Easy Is It to Switch to Hello Mobile?

The process is simple, straightforward and seamless, so you can transition to a more affordable and transparent phone plan without all of the usual hassle.

How does it work?

  • Choose Your Plan: Select the service that best suits your needs
  • Get a SIM Card (or select of FREE eSIM option): We’ll send you a new SIM Card – or you can activate service instantly with eSIM via QR code
  • Activate: Insert the SIM card (or scan the code) and make a call

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We’re currently offering a FREE Month of Service to all new customers – so there’s never been a better time to try Hello Mobile.

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