Smartphones have increasingly become a vital tool to protect and communicate with your children. But with so many options available, finding the perfect wireless plan can feel overwhelming. At Hello Mobile, we understand your unique needs and concerns as a parent, and that’s why we offer phone plans with all of the benefits you need – all at the absolute lowest price on the market.
Get the best phone plans for kids & teens.

Why Does Hello Mobile Have the Best Phone Plan for a Child?

When you switch to Hello Mobile, there are so many benefits. You’ll get a lot more than just a reliable, super-affordable phone plan for your child, your teenager or your entire family.

All plans also include:

  • Ability to Stay Connected With Your Children
  • Track Their Location
  • Monitor Online Activities
  • UNLIMITED Talk & Text
  • Your 2nd Month of Service FREE
  • FREE International Calling to 60+ Countries
  • No Hidden Fees & Taxes Are Included
  • Never a Contract
  • FREE Activation (with FREE SIM Card Kit or eSIM – and Fast, FREE Shipping with Amazon)

Our phone plans for kids start as low as $5/Mo!

How Do I Decide Who Offers the Best Phone Plan for Kids?

Before you make the important decision about your child’s wireless needs, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your child’s needs data needs compared to the year before – do they need more?
  • Did your budget change?
  • Has your phone bill skyrocketed since last year?

Hello Mobile has affordable, reliable phone plans for teens.

What Are the Benefits of Hello Mobile Kids Phone Plans?

Keep Track of Your Children – Get updates on their location so you can always make sure they’re safe.
Bring Your Phone or Buy One – Use your current device or choose one of our affordable smartphones. (starting as low as $39.95)
Monitor Online Activities – What are your children doing with their data? Keep them safe by keeping an eye on their usage.
Get Reliable Coverage – With our dependable 4G LTE/5G network, you never have to worry about staying connected

Get your child UNLIMITED Talk & Text for just $5/Mo!

What Makes Hello Mobile Plans Affordable for Families?

At Hello Mobile, we understand how expensive it is to raise children now. So our goal is to help you stay connected at a price you can afford. That’s why we offer a range of the best phone plans for kids and young adults to meet your specific needs:

  • $5/Mo Plan: UNLIMITED Talk & Text – Perfect for Preteens who aren’t quite ready for unsupervised internet access.
  • $25/Mo Plan: UNLIMITED Data, Talk & Text – Ideal for teens who want to stay online all the time.

LIMITED-TIME OFFER: New Customers Get a FREE Month of Service!

How Transparent Are Hello Mobile Phone Plans?

Hello Mobile strives to be different in a world where fine print can hide unwelcome surprises. As a parent, you can trust that you are getting straightforward, honest pricing with no unexpected fees, which makes it a lot easier to manage the family budget.

With Hello Mobile, you can rely on:

  • No contracts
  • Never any hidden charges
  • No activation fees

When is the Right Time for Your Child to Get Their First Phone?

How do you know when your child is ready for their first phone? This decision can be a real challenge. Maybe you just want to be able to reach your elementary school student at all times. Or perhaps you have a middle-schooler who is becoming independent and now wants to text with their friends constantly.
Whatever the situation, Hello Mobile has cheap phone plans for kids – so you can meet your needs without breaking the bank.

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Empower Your High School Student with Reliable Phone Service

High school is a pivotal time in a teen’s life, full of new responsibilities and freedoms – and a Hello Mobile plan can help them in so many ways. For just $25/Mo, your teenager will get UNLIMITED Data, Talk & Text, giving them the freedom they crave while you enjoy peace of mind knowing where they are at all times.

Hello Mobile Plans for Teens:

  • UNLIMITED Data: Ideal for school, work, streaming and social media.
  • No Contracts: Life can change quickly, so we keep things flexible.
  • Affordable Prices: Plans to suit every budget – and NO Overage Charges!

Seamless Transition: From High School to College Success

When teens graduate high school and move on to college, consistency is key. With Hello Mobile, they can transition into this new phase of life with the same reliable phone plan, avoiding the hassle of having to switch services.

Hello Mobile benefits include:

  • Consistent, reliable service
  • Huge savings over four years
  • Flexible plans that adapt to the needs of student life

And by sticking with Hello Mobile, you’ll enjoy continued savings — money that can be better spent on textbooks, housing or those much-needed coffee runs during finals week.

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Avoid the Hidden Costs of Other Providers

Other wireless companies might seem cheap in the beginning, but many will hit you with hidden costs that can catch you off guard. But that won’t happen with Hello Mobile. Our transparent pricing ensures that what you see is ALWAYS what you pay.

Avoid any surprise costs:

  • No Activation or Hidden Fees
  • Taxes Included in All Plan Prices
  • Honest, Straightforward Pricing

Special Offer: Why This Is the Perfect Time to Switch

We’re currently offering a FREE Month of Service to all new customers – so there’s never been a better time to try Hello Mobile.

  • Get Your 2nd Month FREE When You Buy 1 Month
  • Enjoy special discounts on family plans

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Can I Keep the Same Phone Number When Switching to Hello Mobile?

Absolutely! Hello Mobile makes it simple for you to transfer your existing number. That way you can upgrade your service but still keep the number that everyone already knows.
Or maybe you want to keep just your number AND find a new phone?
Before you make a decision about which device to buy, check out our previous post about the pros and cons of iPhone and Android.

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How Easy Is It to Switch to Hello Mobile?

The process is simple, straightforward, and seamless, so you can transition to a more affordable and transparent phone plan without all of the usual hassle.
How does it work?

  • Choose Your Plan: Select the service that best suits your needs
  • Get a SIM Card (or select of FREE eSIM option): We’ll send you a new SIM Card – or you can activate service instantly with eSIM via QR code
  • Activate: Insert the SIM card (or scan the code) and make a call

Looking for the best mobile plans for kids, teens or college students?

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  • George Grabek
    August 25, 2023 at 7:17 am

    I see a $5 plan for kids but every time I look it switches to $25. Please fill me in on the $5.00 a month plan and what it entitles and what is needed to get this, as my kid doesn’t need much data as I have home Wi-Fi.