What does a dash of Latin flavor add to the melting pot of the United States? Un poco de sazón. At Hello Mobile, connection is everything. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, let us give you a peek behind the curtain of our day-to-day operations as we introduce you to a handful of dynamic Hispanic members of our dream team. Through their stories, we hope you experience that home sweet home feeling of Latin hospitality and friendship that has helped to inspire the building of a brand designed to create community and meaningful connection.

Hello Mobile Dream Team

Avigail Lutwak, Chief Marketing Officer at Hello Mobile

Avigail Lutwak, Chief Marketing Officer

Caracas, Venezuela

“Warm, spicy, hardworking, fun, and passionate – that is the culture of Venezuela. If I had to choose one favorite thing about my country, I would say it’s the people. I joined the Hello Mobile team 10 months ago, and it has been a very rewarding challenge. Revamping everything from the business model to the branding and the entire marketing strategy has taught me that collaboration is everything.

Each team member comes from their own world, and they bring their own experiences to the table that add unique value to our collaborative efforts. One thing my family has taught me that I’ve always carried with me, both personally and professionally, is to exceed expectations and always have a hunger to continue to learn and grow, becoming the best version of yourself. As humans, it is very important to feel proud of ourselves and what we have accomplished. As immigrants, we must go above and beyond every day to learn a new culture and language while succeeding in a place different from our countries of origin. I carry all these things with me wherever I go. I’m grateful for being able to build the dream team at Hello Mobile that shares the right mindset and an overwhelming sense of purpose as we continue to innovate and implement new ideas and technologies.”

Wadi Cure, Content Creator

Barranquilla, Colombia

“I like to hike, I like to see birds and go to the seas, the rivers, the waterfalls, the amazon jungle… the place where the desert sits right in front of the ocean, the altitudes where rare plants called frailejones grow and absorb water from the clouds and the air. The nature and biodiversity in Colombia is amazing. What I love most about my country though is the people, and how everyone feels like a friend no matter how different they are. I do bring that part of my culture into the workplace. I give unsolicited advice and I make coffee for people, just like my grandmother taught me! Coffee is very important in Colombia – a social ritual. Working for Hello Mobile has been cool. I’ve made a lot of content, and I have been growing and learning things that I didn’t previously know about video and the digital environment.”

Dianela Urdaneta, Social Media Manager

Caracas, Venezuela

“In Venezuela, you could say there are less boundaries with people. The culture is very friendly and people are playful. You can go to the grocery store and make friends with a random person and now, you have a best friend for life. Beyond that, they are empathetic. Even if someone doesn’t know you, they will try to help you. People tend to be very noble. Empathy is something I bring with me in all areas of my life including the workplace. Working at Hello Mobile has been a really one-of-a-kind experience because you don’t always have the opportunity to build a brand from scratch. It was a small team when I got here and everyone brainstormed together. I enjoyed contributing my ideas – it has been a really fun experience.”

Olga Marrero, Training Manager at Hello Mobile

Olga Marrero, Training Manager

Miami, Florida – Cuban heritage

“I was born and raised in Miami but my family is from Cuba. One of the main things I love about Cuban culture is the food. We have many different traditional plates that are tasty. I love ropa vieja, rice and beans, steak – it really depends on what I am in the mood for. A philosophy I bring into the workplace from my family is that if I do something I do it right or don’t do it all – I give everything my best. Another important thing to me is treating everyone with respect and kindness. I treat others how I would like to be treated. I am proud to be a part of the Hello Mobile team because of what we stand for – helping people. I know several people who use the service and talk about how great it is. It is affordable and really helpful for people of all walks of life including people that are on a fixed income. It’s doable, and they have a lot of options. It is important to help others stay connected, and we truly offer the most affordable plans on the market.”

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